Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Prince Caspian by CS Lewis

We have finished Prince Caspian, which has been Billy's bedtime book for a couple of weeks. I asked Billy what he thought of it. 'It was good,' he replied. He didn't elaborate further, but at least he enjoyed it.
I wasn't so keen on it. The Pevensie children are back in Narnia, many hundreds of Narnian years after they were last there. Their mission is to help Prince Caspian, the rightful king of Narnia to take the throne from the wicked King Miraz. I felt it was out of balance, with all the action at the end. I wish that Aslan had shown himself to everyone, not just Lucy. I know that the message is one of belief and faith, but it just seemed like a cruel trick which made everyone's lives a lot more difficult. I think this has been my least favourite of the series so far.

It's Billy's choice for the next book. He has gone for a re-read, an old favourite, Mr Meddle by Enid Blyton. It's a collection of stories in which Mr Meddle wreaks havoc in the lives of everyone he encounters.


  1. I led the Narnia boos as a child but have increasing problems with them as I grow older. When Billy says he enjoyed it, he probably really did if my years of reading these to children is anything to go by.

  2. Annie - I read a couple of them as a child, but not the whole series. I think Billy did enjoy it, I just wish he would pick up a book and read it himself for the pleasure of it.