Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Library visit

Billy and I went on our monthly library visit yesterday and this is what we got:

Billy did his usual thing of taking about 30 seconds to choose his four books
one of which I had to veto because it was too old for him (kissing and drugs!).
So he swapped that for Oswald and the End of the World, about a boy with a fortune telling father who lives on a mysterious island called Idlegreen.

His second choice How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food is a rhyming picture book.

'How does a dinosaur eat all his food? Is he noisy and jumpy and spilling and rude? Does he toss milk and peas? Does he ever say "Please?" What does a dinosaur do?'
He also got The Lighthouse Keeper's Breakfast.  I think this may be a series of books about a lighthouse keeper and his wife, Mr and Mrs Grinling. This book has been read already! He sat down with his dad when I was preparing the tea last night and read it. Billy read two pages, then Mark read two pages until the book was finished.

His big find at the library was The Guinness Book of World Records. He has been reading this one by himself. He took great delight in showing me the picture of the man who holds the record for holding the most rattlesnakes in his mouth (I'm petrified of snakes).

I chose Flashman by George MacDonald Fraser. I've been hearing about this book for a while, then Richard Bacon picked it as one of his five books in My Life in Books. I think I've always bracketed it with the Patrick O'Brien books and the Sharpe novels which I, rightly or wrongly, think of as boys books. But Richard Bacon raved about it, and I do like historical novels. I stood making my mind up about it for a ridiculously long time at the library. I was taking it off the shelf and putting it back on for ages until it finally struck me that I could take it home, start to read it and if I don't like it just bring it back to the library! I really don't know where this fear of making a wrong book choice comes from!

I need to figure out how to put pictures properly on this blog. I had another one that I wanted to use but it messed with the text too much. I'll have to practice.


  1. I always forget in a library the book can go back if you do not like it!

    The Lighthouse Keeper's breakfast sounds like fun!

  2. Jo - I know, I've had a library card since I was 3 years old, you'd think I'd have figured out the rules by now!

  3. My son enjoyed those Dinosaur books when he was younger - terrific illustrations! I read The Lighthouse Keeper's Breakfast with my daughter a while back and it was fun too. Libraries are such a great way to encourage children's reading and add to my stocks as well!

  4. Treez - we visit the library at least once a month. At the moment my son just seems to pick up the first books he sees, but I suppose he'll become more discriminating as he gets older.