Sunday, 20 March 2011

Mitford gem

While reading Decca this made me laugh out loud. This kind of thing is why I love reading about the Mitfords. It is taken from a letter from Decca to Nancy, after their mother's death;

Muv's diaries: the thing I loved was her engagement books, of which the 1937 vol. had entries like: "Heifer born today. Mabel 2 weeks hol. Decca married. Tea with Fuhrer."

Because I was in a Mitford mood I was browsing and found this on YouTube. It's Deborah Devonshire in conversation with Charlotte Moseley. She discusses Wait For Me, and also her friendship with Patrick Leigh Fermor.


  1. I wonder how Hitler would have felt about coming fourth to the birth of a cow? I suspect Decca was used to it.

  2. Annie - not best pleased I imagine! I get the impression that Decca was no great shakes in the mothering department herself - 'benign neglect' I think was the phrase she used about her parenting skills.