Thursday, 29 December 2011

A reading day

I haven't managed to get much reading done over the Christmas break, there hasn't really been time, and I'm too tired on an evening to read more than a couple of pages. But this afternoon Billy has gone round to one of his friends to play, so I am going to take the opportunity to crack open a Terry's Chocolate Orange and get a few hours reading in.

I'm reading Sea of Poppies by Amitav Ghosh. I'm enjoying it, but I think it's suffered from me not being able to devote a chunk of time to it. Lots of characters and intertwining stories strands which I'm getting confused at the moment.

I've downloaded a couple of things onto my new Kindle; a memoir by Diana Athill, and Gawain and the Green Knight by Simon Armitage. Both were in Amazon's 99p sale. I've noticed that when I open a book on the Kindle it opens on the first page of the story, not the cover page. I want to change that if possible, so I'll investigate that as well today.


  1. I would love to hear your thoughts on Sir Gawain. I read it in the original, because I had to for my undergraduate course, but even then I ended up really enjoying it - it has a surprisingly modern humour.

  2. Simon, I have to admit that Sir Gawain is a bit out of my comfort zone. But I want to try and appreciate poetry in 2012, I saw a tv programme presented by Simon Armitage and he seemed like a nice chap, and the book was 99p! So I thought I'd give it a whirl.