Monday, 10 June 2013

Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

I had heard wonderful things about this book and couldn't wait to start reading. I absolutely was not
disappointed. I raced through it and couldn't wait to get back to it whenever I had to put it down.

In February 1910 Ursula Todd is born. There is a terrible snowstorm, the doctor can't get through and Ursula dies. Then the story resets - it's February 1910 again, Ursula is born, this time the doctor does get through and Ursula lives. And so it goes on through the novel. Ursula's life is reset each time she dies and she gets a chance to do things differently.

She doesn't know that this is happening to her, though when she's a child she does have a sense that there is something different about her. The family's maid, Bridget, says that she has the second sight. Throughout her life (lives) she has premonitions which she can't explain. Some of the things which happen to her are small and personal, other times her life is impacted by great global events. There was one period in Ursula's life which was so bad that I was longing for her to die, which is an unusual feeling to have about the heroine of a book.

I loved this book. I haven't read much by Kate Atkinson (though I am really enjoying Case Histories on tv) and will be searching out more books by her.


  1. I have reserved this at the library. Hoping I make the top of the list soon!

  2. It can be a long slog waiting for books from the library. Luckily for me I was near the top of the list for this one. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

  3. I gave up on this book. I wanted to give up at several points, and at page 280 I finally did. I enjoyed the story some of the time, but other times I had to force myself to continue reading.

    I know other people have either given up on the book, read it but hated it, or totally loved it. Funny how we all differ!

  4. Sounds great! Ive heard and read great reviews on this one. I can't wait to read it for myself.
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