Monday, 26 March 2012

A weekend away

On the weekend of Mother's Day the three of us went away to the Golden Sands Caravan Park at Mablethorpe in Lincolnshire. We've been here before - Billy loves it. His absolute favourite thing is to go swimming with his Dad and they went down to the pool both days. While they were there I settled down in the caravan and got some reading done. I finished The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller and started and finished The Good Father by Noah Hawley. I enjoyed both of them very much - reviews to follow.
I don't usually look to buy books when I'm with Mark and Billy, they don't enjoy browsing bookshops. But there was a rack of books in the site shop, mainly romances and I wasn't familiar with many of the authors. But to my surprise I spotted a copy of White Corridor, one of the Bryant and May books by Christopher Fowler. At £2.99 I snapped it up.
Sunday was Mother's Day so I could choose where we visited. As it's so early in the season many of the tourist attractions are closed, but we had a lovely visit to the Windmill at Alford. It is a working windmill (though they weren't milling the day we visited) and visitors can climb up inside and see all the inner workings. According to the leaflet, it is considered by many people to be the finest windmill in England. It is certainly a beautiful building. We climbed up the extremely steep wooden steps and through the window could see the five sails glide round. It was surprisingly quiet. Coming down again the signs advised visitors to come down backwards, like a ladder. This we did, very gingerly. The friendly lady on the desk told us that the miller runs down them forward, carrying a huge sack of flour.
We had our lunch at the teashop attached to the windmill. They had a wonderful array of cakes, none of which I could try, because I've given them up for Lent. I snapped a (bad) photo of his lovely decoration - a collection of teapots strung together and hung from the ceiling.


  1. Them teapots look precarious hung up there!

    Glad to hear you had a good weekend. Not heard of that Bryant and May book so will look out for it.

    1. They were very secure - the lids were glued on. We had a lovely weekend, wish we'd had this weather though.