Friday, 13 May 2011

Cheerful Weather for the Wedding by Julia Strachey

This is my first ever Persephone - and it didn't disappoint. The story takes place over a few hours on the wedding day of Dolly Thatcham. It is clear that Dolly is having doubts. An air of forced jollity and pretence hangs over the whole proceedings. The guests are downstairs, the bride is getting ready upstairs. Nobody is happy - but nobody is saying that they are unhappy.

Kitty, self-conscious in her bridesmaid's get up is telling anyone who will listen that she looks dreadful and brushing away any attempts to convince her otherwise. Joseph, in love with Dolly, is torturing himself by being at her wedding. The groom, Owen, blunders in, awkward and unwanted. There is an sense of menace about the way that the bride's cousin Tom is bullying his brother Robert about wearing bright green socks with his suit.

There is no plot as such, it is a study of these people, at this time. I thought that Strachey's prose was spare and straightforward, capturing the repression of everyone's feelings perfectly.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed your first Persephone. I haven't read this one yet but it's on my list. I love the bookmark too!

  2. I have only read one Persephone and cannot wait to read more.

    Glad to know hear you enjoyed it, hope you get to read more soon.

  3. I've not read any of Strachey's work, although I've read a good deal about her when I've been reading about the lives of other writers and artists associate with Bloomsbury. In fact, looking at my shelves I have a biography about Julia herself written by Frances Partridge. I shall have to see if there is a copy of this available anywhere locally and check what she writes with the way she is described. Not the most stable of ladies, I believe.

  4. I've read mixed reports about this book, but my feelings were much the same as yours.

    I hope there are many more Persephone books in your future!

  5. Helen - I've heard so much about Persephones, so I was very glad to enjoy this one and have so many more to look forward to.

    Jo - I've got another one on the shelf, but I want to space them out a bit, with them being a bit pricey!

    Annie - Frances Partridge wrote the introduction to this book. She seems to have been a steadfast friend to Julia for most of her life.

    Jane - I intend there to be many more Persephones in my future. No longer will my family have to wonder what to get me for Christmas!